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We know how much your pet means to you which is why we only promote independently owned practices that are rooted in the community they serve, and who deliver excellence coupled with care and compassion.

What we do

  • Discover and approve the best local vets’ practices in your area
  • Help you and your vet adopt a prevention rather than cure approach
  • Offer a range of monthly promotions so that your pet enjoys total health
  • Help to secure the future of your independent local vets practice
  • Ensure your voice as a customer is heard and acted upon

Our supporters

We’ve had a huge amount of support from vets and pet owners who, like us, believe in the important role independent vets play in caring for our pets.

"It is such a relief to have a local vet and nurses who know my Eddie and me. His medication is reviewed frequently and there is always someone available in an emergency - of which there have been a few. You build a relationship of trust with your vet. They are there in your darkest moments and you owe them your loyalty. I would never dream of taking Eddie anywhere other than my trusted local vet, who is always there for us both in sickness and in health."

Judi Spiers with her cat Eddie

Judi Spiers

Television and radio presenter (and cat lover)

Why pick a Local Vets approved practice?

  • You'll be supporting a locally owned and run business
  • You'll be part of a local community of like minded pet lovers
  • Your vet will be committed to getting to know you and the needs of your pet
  • Your vet will have the clinical freedom to do what's best for the health of your pet
Local Vets helps you find the best locally owned practices in your community