Easter Hazards

If you’re a chocolate lover then you’ll love Easter! As a pet owner you’ll more than likely know the dangers of chocolate for our pets. 

All chocolate is toxic for dogs and cats, and the more they eat the greater the risk of serious harm. Dark chocolate is particularly harmful so this is one to avoid having in the house if at all possible. There are a couple of tell tale signs of pets (usually dogs!) who’ve tracked down the chocolate stash:

  • It might seem obvious, but it’s important to keep an eye out for missing chocolates, ripped up boxes, foil wrappers in the dog bed or chocolate crumbs on the floor. In the excitement of Easter its worth keeping an eye on where you’ve left the chocolates as the dog will almost certainly be on the look out for some tasty treats!


  • If there aren’t any obvious signs around the house of your pets getting into the chocolate stash, the your pets themselves should give you a clue. Vomiting, diarrhoea, restlessness, rapid breathing or seizures may all be indications of chocolate consumption and you should always consider the possibility of some stolen chocolate if your pet exhibits any of these symptoms. 


Of course, immediate veterinary advice is crucial in circumstances where pets eat chocolate, so the more quickly you act the better.

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