Below the gumline

Many pet dental diseases occur below the gum line, where you can't see without a close inspection. That means it's not always easy to spot problems without regular dental checks. A sore mouth or gums can really get our pets down and there are a few signs you can watch out for...

1. Lost appetite or weight loss can also be a sign that your pet’s teeth are decayed or painful. Imagine how hard it will be to chew with painful teeth or gums, particularly when eating hard pet foods like kibble.

2. Yellow or brown teeth, or those which have obvious signs of plaque build up, tend to indicate the need for teeth cleaning. It may be possible to relieve the symptoms with mouth wash or dental chews, or your pet may need some expert dental treatment.

3. Dog breath is something we come to expect from our pooches, but some dogs have it worse than others. If your dog (or your cat for that matter) has worse smelling breath than usual, it's probably time for a dental check.

If you’re not sure whether your pet has problems in the dental department, it’s always a good idea to speak to us. Mouthwash, dental chews and regular teeth cleaning can all help to avoid dental problems. But chances are, most pets will benefit from some dental treatment at some point in their lives.

We probably expect our own teeth to last our lifetime, and we all know that regular dental check ups are vital to achieving that. To help your pet maintain healthy teeth and gums, why not book a FREE check and find out what’s best for your pet.

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