Family Pet Month

Get the whole family thinking about pet care this month! As it's December and Christmas is a time for spending with family, we want to get everyone involved in pet care this month. Even the kids! Learn how the whole family can make the most out of pet ownership and find out about the advantages of having pets in the family.

Total Health® from Local Vets

Total Health by Local Vets helps you keep on top of your pet’s health. Every month we want you to think about a different Total Health topic. That way, you’re less likely to miss anything to do with the health of your pet.

If one of our Total Health topics catches your attention, or if you think your pet might benefit from a check-up at your nearest Local Vets approved practice, why not take the initiative? Pick up the phone and ask your veterinary team to give your pet the once over. Regular veterinary checks keep your pet healthy, and Total Health is all about encouraging you to visit the vet with healthy pets - not just sick ones!

Many Local Vets approved practices offer FREE check-ups with a veterinary nurse, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for some help and advice from your veterinary team. We call these free check-ups “Total Health Checks”, but your Local Vets practice might call them something different! After all, being independent and locally owned means your vet can decide what works best at your practice.

Why not give your nearest Local Vets approved practice a call today to start a conversation about your pet’s Total Health.

We cannot guarantee the availability of Total Health checks at your nearest Local Vets approved practice, and some practices may not be participating in the Total Heath check scheme. Total Health checks are designed to identify issues with the health or your pet, and to provide information and guidance. Total Health checks are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. If your pet is currently unwell, please contact your usual veterinary clinic without delay.

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